"Homeless - The Movie", dir. José Ignacio Navarro Cox, Jorge Campusano, Santiago O'ryan - Polish premiere + movie surprise

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Welcome to the underworld of the streets and waste generated by progress, where a trio of bums fights from their trench underneath a bridge, against the stupefied and underdeveloped capital that they inhabit.

With the help of Buttermilk, a sweet albino millionaire kid who idolizes them, they shall survive through the winter, epidemics, cockfights, illegal immigrants, killer pigeons, low life prostitutes, a trip to hell and a lot of alcohol. 

Written, directed and produced by Lunes partners José Ignacio Navarro Cox, Jorge Campusano, Santiago O’Ryan, “Homeless” sees a post-apocalyptic corporate dictatorship attacked by bums looking to reestablish the status quo and rebuild their bridge-covered camp. 

“It’s the three of us at Lunes, and all three of us are screenwriters,” said Navarro Cox. “So for us the story, characters and scripts are a vital part of our work, almost more important than the filming itself.” 

The feature film is based on the TV series "Homeless".


  • 2019 Homeless (animation, feature film)
  • 2018 Waldo Dreams, (animation, short)
  • 2015 Homeless (TV – series, animation)

We have a movie surprise for you

On the occasion of All Saints' Day, Halloween, Día de los Muertos (Mexico), Araw ng mga Patay (Philippines) and other holidays celebrated at the turn of October and November in memory of loved ones who have passed away, we have a film surprise for you. Before the film "Homeless - The Movie" you will see a nearly six-minute long animation directed by Kajetan Obarski (Jury Animocje 2019) entitled "The Strzygoń & How to Deal with Him" (2019).

Strzygoń, strzyga, wieszczy, upiór... - these are the regional names of the living dead, the old Polish, peasant vampires who came out of the graves and once terrorized the entire population of Poland. Kajetan Obarski's short animation is based on a Polish folk demonology, described in the past by the classics of ethnography: Oskar Kolberg and Stanisław Ciszewski. The film was created exclusively using public domain materials.

Directed by: Kajetan Obarski
Script: Kajetan Obarski, Łuksza Kozak
Voice over: Adam Strug
Production: Instytut Adama Mickiewicza
Animation, sound, editing: Kajetan Obarski