Indie Youth or The LFF 2018 Replica

Short films
free entry for students of the Leon Wyczółkowski's School of Arts
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The Lublin Film Festival is one of the oldest international independent cinema festivals in Poland, known until 2016 as Złote Mrówkojady (‘The Golden Anteaters’). To this day, the statuettes awarded to the winners are known under this name. The project, created in 2007, is an ideal space for those who like asking questions and thinking about the answers. Such an audience is shown carefully selected films from around the world. At the same time, LFF combines traditional film festival values with a modern approach and the openness of the city of Lublin. The festival offers a variety of workshops, concerts, parties and long discussions with Polish filmmakers as well as foreign guests willing to blend in with the festival community and, as a result, contribute to the unique atmosphere of the LFF. For years, we have been developing our philosophy of cinema as a pretext to meet, exchange views and get to know each other. We are driven by our passion and our need to share it with others.

All the movies shown at the LFF are divided into thematic blocks, which is a distinctive feature of the festival. In addition, at the end of each day, in a special zone called Film Café, the audience meets the organizers and the filmmakers to discuss what they saw. Especially for the MFFA Animocje, we have prepared a replica of the LFF 2018, after which a discussion will take place, with ‘youth’ as its main topic.

Screening schedule:

  • Pola, dir. Edyta Rembała (Poland) 2017, 20’
  • Bacha Posh, dir. Katia Scarton-Kim (Switzerland) 2018, 20’
  • Large Soldier, dir. Noa Gusakov (Israel) 2017, 23’
  • Schoolyard Blues, dir. Maria Eriksson-Hecht (Sweden) 2017, 17’

Curator: Maciej Misztal

the founder and president of the Lublin Film Festival (until 2016 the IFF Golden Anteaters). A graduate of the Radio and Television Department at the Krzysztof Kieślowski University of Silesia in the field of Film and Television Production Management. Executive producer of award-winning documentary and feature films as well as numerous television programs, including international co-productions. The founder and host of Warsaw Short Framing and “Off na zakręcie” (‘Indie cinema on the skids’) projects. Film workshop instructor. Indie filmmaker and promoter. Nominated in the Man of the Year 2018 poll organized by the Kurier Lubelski daily in the category of ‘culture’.