International Competition III

Competition screenings
Short films
For adults
5 pm


Tio Tomás, A Contabilidade Dos Dias / Uncle Thomas, Accounting For The Days, Regina Pessoa, Portugalia, Kanada, Francja / Portugal, Canada, France, 2020, 13’03’’

From Regina’s personal and visual memories, a tribute to her uncle Thomas, a humble man with a simple and anonymous life. This is my acknowledgment how one does not have to be « somebody" to become exceptional in our life.

Portret Kobiecy / Portrait of a woman, Natalia Durszewicz, Polska / Poland, 2020, 4’50’’

A story of a woman existing as an incomplete form of herself. She unknowingly experiences various emotional states and stages of life.  Suddenly, her real nature awakens, forcing her to fight for liberation. However, nobody knows, if she wins.

Toonekurg / The Stork, Lucija Mrzljak & Morten Tšinakov, Estonia, 2020, 15’51’’

While smoking on the balcony, the citizen Stork is struck by a moment of clarity, in which he realises that he is not a person, but rather a bird.

Lethe, Wojciech Siejak, Polska / Poland, 2020, 1’09’’

The mind is an unstable place. Sometimes the most nurtured thoughts disappear due to a moment of absent-mindedness. Some other time, the unwanted ones take deep root and last with painful determination.

Farse / Farce, Robin Jensen, Norwegia / Norway, 2019, 10’54’’

A man, a woman and a meat grinder. Love is messy.

Ecorce / Peel, Samuel Patthey & Silvain Monney, Szwajcaria / Switzerland, 2020, 15’03’

In a hidden place, the daily routine of a retirement home unfolds as time seems to stand still. Some are active, others rest or follow a fixed schedule to be repeated each day: medication, meals, games… Time fades away and nearby, stretches a forest.

Schast'e / Happiness, Andrey Zhidkov, Rosja / Russia, 2020, 5’

In cold repulsive world of chaos a man is searching for his true happiness hoping that simple things can evolve into his bliss. But his attempts end up in abyss of loneliness and poverty.

Brązowy i Niebieski / Brown and Blue (Pablopavo i Ludziki), Marcin Podolec, Polska / Poland, 2019, 4’

A music video for a song by Pablopavo i Ludziki.