Play-off II

Competition screenings
For adults
Short films


competition films screening; film with the number of votes by the audience enters the International Competition

Love Story, reż./dir. Laura Ibáñez López, Belgia / Belgium, 2018, 10’

My grandfather died nine years ago. My grandmother keeps living in their house. Through her memories I try to reconstruct the life they had together.

Джон Боттом - неизвестный солдат / John Bottom - unknown soldier, reż./dir. Demin Alexey, Rosja / Russia, 2018, 7’45”

This is a film about the inhumanity of war. The poem John Bottom was written by Vladislav Khodasevich with regard to the burial of the unknown soldier at the Westminster Abbey in London on November 11th, 1920.

Die Doppelung / The Double, reż./dir. Magda Kreps, Niemcy / Germany, 2018, 3’38”

Based on interviews with 9 people about their own personal experiences with shame and the theory of sociology professor Anja Lietzmann, the short film shows the inner process and perception of someone who's experiencing shame.

Not Today, reż./dir. Marine Jacob, Belgia / Belgium, 2018, 5’20”

Mamy is a nice little lady who has not had a visit for a long time. So when one day, the Death comes ringing at her door, the old lady is determined to have fun.

Le Mans 1955, reż./dir. Quentin Baillieux Francja / France, 2018, 15’

24h Le Mans. Pierre Levegh’s car ploughs into the spectator stands, scattering the crowd with his car engine’s hot debris. It is a tragedy that will cost more than 80 lives. And yet, the race goes on.

A bus, reż./dir. Wenyu Li, Chiny / China, 2018, 6’46”

A bus drive from A city to B city.

Stress, reż./dir. Simon Dauchy, Tom Delforge, Antoine Wilmot, Théo Mechref, Julien Delcroix , Francja / France, 2018, 3’16”

In an oppressing environment, a child plays with a knife.

Aghaye Gavazn / Mr. Deer, reż./dir. Mojtaba Mousavi, Iran, 2018, 9'

The story is narrating in an unknown time, in a ruined subway. People with animal faces have forgotten ethics and they do not avoid sins. There is someone with a deer face who is trying to reform the society.

Sample Text, reż./dir. Amélie Cochet, Szwajcaria / Switzerland, 2018, 3’25”

A Shortfilm based on pictures out of magazines and newspaper, telling a story without any sense in a rhythmic way.

Vertigo, reż./dir. Liana Mihailova, Łotwa / Latvia, 2018, 3’25”

Exciting summer dive takes unexpected turn and grows into amplified experience when one faces the unsurpassable edge  of the cliff.

Le Lapin De Noël / The Christmas Rabbit, Francja, Wielka Brytania / France, UK, 2018, 10’45”

On Christmas eve, an old lady finds her beloved cat dead. All day long, she’ll try to find  him a fitting resting place, but will remain unsuccessful until...