Pocket Cinema № 5, audio-visual performance

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Pocket Cinema is a multi-channel audiovisual projection based on slide projectors from analog era.

Direct change of colors and abstract compositions to luminous screening, manipulating focus, color and picture movement, combined with sound and digital animation - this is the area of our experiment. Pocket Cinema is an attempt to recall the atmosphere of early optical theatre, in which simple technical solutions associated with the magic lantern mix with hypnotic, geometric form. 

The project corresponds with the rich tradition of the 20th century avant-garde, where the light was used as the main medium, often combined with movement, sound and geometric abstraction. 

Especially for Festival Animocje, we prepared "Pocket Cinema" №5 as live performance, during which kinoMANUAL - VJ Aga and DJ Maciek - will improvise with sound and picture.