"Black", Tomasz Popakul

Sci-Fi Animations: Animating Unreal Concepts

Short films
For adults


Filip Kozłowski

The genre of Science Fiction provides an opportunity for unleashing your creativity and expressing wild, unbridled ideas...

... – writers and filmmakers outdistance each other in conjuring up dreadful visions of the future, consequences of supernatural abilities and phenomena, revising all previous experiences and habits of the technological revolution, alternative realities turned upside down, complicated contacts with creatures inhabiting other galaxies, or an invincible exploration and conquering space. Deprived of restrictions resulting from recording images, and focused on free creativity beyond the frames of experimental reality, animation allows in an unclear way to answer the following questions: What would happen if …? How the future world and society will look like? The essence of history presented is not people, but concepts, since they are the main characters of these animated, fantastic visions.  Sometimes they are in the form of philosophical reflection or poetic meditation on the world; and the other time, they can be a witty game combining fantasy and science. What’s interesting, these imaginary visions, one way or another, have their foundation in reality – they ask intriguing questions regarding the real world, and very accurately comment on the current threats, existential, political, economic and social problems.

  • Black, Tomasz Popakul, Poland, Japan 2016, 14’09”
  • Bendito Machine V - Pull the Trigger, Jossie Malis, Spain 2014, 12’
  • World Of Tomorrow, Don Hertzfeldt, USA 2015, 17’
  • Bendito Machine VI – Carry On, Jossie Malis, France, Spain 2018, 14’
  • Hyperion Cantos – A Scholar’s Tale, Arsenii Brylov, Poland 2018, 5’14”

Curator: Filip Kozłowski

He is a philosopher by education, cooperated with the International Documentary Film Festival OFF CINEMA in Poznań, participated in filmmaking training courses in Berlin and a longtime member of the AWA Film Club in CK Zamek in Poznań, in which he worked as a scriptwriter and director of several short films. He has cooperated with the International Animated Film Festival “Animator” since the beginning of its activity; for several years he worked as the Festival Office Manager; presently he serves as the Main Coordinator of the Festival Program and Competition. He has been running for several years a series of educational animation reviews called ANIMUZA. He also worked as an initiator of audiovisual projects and program curator at film festivals, including Thessaloniki Animation Film Festival in Greece, “Opolskie Lamy” Film Festival, and ŻUBROFFKA International Short Film Festival. Within recent years, he worked as a member of the jury during several festivals, including the International Festival of Puppet Theater and Animated Film for Adults “Puppet is a Human”, Legnica Film Academy, and the PUBLICYSTYKA International Independent Film Festival.