"Seder-Masochism", meeting with the director Nina Paley

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The film reinterprets Hebrew Bible events from the Book of Exodus, especially stories associated with the Passover Seder, such as the death of the Egyptian first-born, and Moses leading the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt. The film depicts these events against a backdrop of widespread worship of the Great Mother Goddess, showing the rise of patriarchy.

Seder-Masochim is Paley's second feature film, following Sita Sings the Blues in 2008, an animated film loosely based on the Ramayana. In a similar fashion to her previous work, Paley mainly uses previously published music in Seder-Masochism, with popular and liturgical songs ranging from 1928 to 2018. She also draws from spoken voice recordings she made in 2011 with her father, Hiram Paley, who is placed in the role of the traditional Hebrew deity. Greg Sextro served as sound designer on the film.

With Theodore Gray, Paley formed PaleGray Labs to create a method for animating embroidery, which they call "embroidermation". In Seder-Masochism, embroidered animation is the basis for one scene: Chad Gadya.

Selected awards and nominations:

  • International Animated Film Festival Animator 2018 - Audience Award
  • Annecy International Animated Film Festival 2018 - Feature Films – Competition (nomination)
  • Sitges - Catalonian International Film Festival 2018 - Best Feature-Length Film (nomination)

Nina Paley is the creator of the critically acclaimed animated musical feature film Sita Sings the Blues. Her adventures in our broken copyright system led her to join as Artist-in-Residence in 2008, where she produced a series of animated shorts about intellectual freedom called Minute Memes. Seder-Masochism is her second feature.


  • 2018, Seder-Masochism (2-D, "embroidermation" [embroidery and stop-motion photography], animation, feature film)
  • 2015, On Children, a segment in Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet (2-D, animation, short)
  • 2012, This Land Is Mine - A brief history of the land called Israel/Palestine/Canaan/the Levant (2-D, animation, short)
  • 2008, Sita Sings the Blues (2-D, animation, feature film)
  • 2002, The Wit and Wisdom of Cancer  (2-D, animation, short)
  • 2002, Fertco (2-D, animation, short)
  • 2002, Goddess of Fertility (2-D, animation, short)
  • 2002, The Stork (2-D, animation, short)
  • 2002, Thank You for Not Breeding (Documentary, 36 minutes)
  • 2001, Fetch! (2-D, animation, short)
  • 2000, Pandorama (drawing directly on film, short)
  • 1998, I (heart) My Cat (clay animation, short)
  • 1998, Luv Is... (clay animation, short)
  • 1998, Cancer (drawing directly on film, short)

After the screening, we invite you to a meeting with the director, which will be led by Agnieszka Czoska.

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