Small Animocje: "Gordon & Paddy", reż. Linda Hambäck

For children
Full-lenght films
A beautifully animated story of a friendship between a toad police-officer and a mouse. They band together to protect the inhabitants of the forest.

Are their prudence and cleverness enough to solve another crime?

A screen adaptation of popular in Poland, Swedish children’s detective stories about Gordon, a toad police-officer, and his deputy, mouse Paddy. During an investigation, Gordon catches the hungry mouse red-handed. He quickly realizes Paddy couldn’t have stolen the nuts. ‘There is one law of the forest’ - the police-officer says. - ‘Being nice is legal. Not being nice is not.’ And so he asks the mouse to help him in the investigation. The mouse proves his skills soon and gets promoted to a deputy. Unfortunately, the new challenge can turn out too difficult. Will they manage to catch the forest criminals?

Selected rewards and nominations:

  • Berlin International Film Festival 2018 - Crystal Bear, nomination
  • Hamburg Film Festival 2018 - Michel Award, nomination

Linda Hambäck was born in 1974 in Seoul, South Korea. She has worked in film and television industry since she graduated in 1998. Since then, she has been primarily involved in production of commercials, series, short movies, and for the last couple of years, mostly in animated film productions.

In 2006 her first non-fiction book "Familjepack" was published by Ordfront Förlag. She co-wrote it with Anna Lagerblad.


  • 2017, Gordon & Paddy
  • 2016, Bajsfilmen - Dolores och Gunellens värld
  • 2014, Tänk om... (Short)
  • 2013, Fighting Spirit (Documentary short, as Linda Hamback)