Small Animocje: Pelle No-Tail, dir. Christian Ryltenius**

For children
Full-lenght films
10.30 am


Life without a tail is full of challenges. Especially in a completely strange place. Will the lost little Peter find himself among strangers in the big city? Fortunately, being different means more than just trouble.

When a kitten named Pelle shows up at Birgitta's home, the girl is beside herself with joy. However, Peter, just like every other cat, likes choosing his own paths and, one day, gets lost in the forest. This dangerous trip takes him to a big city where he meets a whole bunch of colorful figures. Perhaps he can find someone who will show him his way home? Alas, before this happens, Pelle turns into a star on the stage, helps kittens in trouble, befriends the self-confident Maya and faces a gang of dogs.

Pelle-No-Tail is a classic, adventure animation, telling a story of accepting what's different, the need for solidarity and helping others. A beloved, cult character of Swedish children's literature in a new screen version! The animation is intertwined with warm musical fragments performed by cat characters..

The character of Pelle was created by the Swedish radio host and children's book author Gösta Knutsson. At the beginning, a radio broadcast was created about a cute kitten without a tail, who is having colorful adventures in Uppsala. A year later, in 1939, the first book in the series about Pelle No-Tail was published, which quickly gained popularity among readers around the world. In Uppsala, there is even a children's hiking trail in the footsteps of Pelle and his friends. Its central place is small alleys around the main building of the university library. In Poland, books about the adventures of Pelle have been published since the 1960s by the "Nasza Księgarnia" publishing house and they enjoy the interest of young readers also today.

Christian Ryltenius

He has directed such productions as ‘Bjorn Bear’, a TV series based on the classic Swedish children books by Sven Nordqvist; ‘Loranga, Masarin och Dartanjang’, for which he was creative supervisor.

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