Small Animocje: "Tito and the Birds", reż. Gabriel Bitar, André Catoto Dias, Gustavo Steinberg

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Tito is a shy 10-year-old boy who lives with his mother. Suddenly, an unusual epidemic starts to spread, making people sick whenever they get scared. Tito quickly discovers that the cure is somehow related to his missing father’s research on bird song. He embarks on a journey to save the world from the epidemic with his friends. Tito’s search for the antidote becomes a quest for his missing father and for his own identity.

The movie is a combination of oil painting used as a background, digital painting and graphic animation.

Selected rewards and nominations:

  • Annie Awards 2019 - Best Animated Independent Feature, nomination
  • Sitges - Catalonian International Film Festival 2018 - Special Mention Feature-Length Film
  • Sitges - Catalonian International Film Festival 2018 - Best Feature-Length Film, nomination
  • Ale Kino! 2018 - Best Feature-Length Film, nomination
  • Toronto International Film Festival 2018 - official selection
  • Annecy International Animated FIlm Festival 2018 - Best Feature Films, nomination
  • Anima Mundi International Animation Festival 2018 - Best Feature Films, nomination

Gustavo Steinberg was born in São Paulo in 1973. He has produced six feature films, directed two and written the screenplay for four movies since 1995. His previous films have won awards such as Best Documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival, Digital Award at the 60th Venice Film Festival, Official selection in the 37th New York Film Festival, Young Jury Award at the 53rd Locarno Film Festival, Best Documentary in the Latin American Los Angeles Film Festival, among others.


  • 2018, Tito i ptaki (animation, feature)
  • 2008, End of the line (live-action, feature)

Before co-directing “Tito and the Birds”, Gabriel Bitar has worked on title sequences and animations for several TV shows and feature films in Brazil such as Tropicália, Cidade Cinza and Tim Maia. His unique identity is defined by his wide range of skills using mixed media on all of his projects. His personal work involves painting, etching, photography, and he is also part of Várzea Ilustrada, a multimedia collective responsible for interactive multimedia projection and live animations. Four times winner at the short film festival Festival do Minuto in Brazil, he has also produced, animated and directed the short film “The City and Desire Nº5”. Gabriel is a partner at Veranito, an animation studio based in São Paulo, where “Tito and The Birds” was composed.


  • 2018, Tito i ptaki (animation, feature)

André Catoto Dias, born in 1979 in Rio de Janeiro, is a journalist and has worked with audiovisual productions ever since he graduated. Two of his short movies won awards at the Festival do Minuto: “Segredo” (2008) and “Receita de todo dia” (2009). He also directed the short film “Imo” (2011) and, in 2015, won the 19th Cultura Inglesa Festival and produced the short “Say I am Only Seventeen”. His latest short film is “@disexta”. He founded animation studio in 2011, where he remains until today.


  • 2018, Tito i ptaki (animation, feature)
  • 2008, Say I am Only Seventeen (animation, short)