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April, 13th is the date we get to know the prize winners of the Bydgoszcz Award for the Best Animated Film 9. IAFF Animocje. The jury will award a Grand Prix and the honorary mentions and the audience will grant a film from both an adult and children competition. After the ceremony the band Małe Instrumenty (Small Instruments) will perform a specially prepared live music to animated movies.

Małe Instrumenty (Small Instruments Band) - a music group started in 2007 in Wroclaw, led by Paweł Romańczuk. Their artistic exploration is focused on unusual sources of sound, small objects, unique instruments and their own playing constructions. In the frames of their broadly defined musical activity, the band record albums, movie soundtracks, theatre music, perform in Europe, and run workshops, lectures and exhibitions on the culture of music instruments.

Small Instruments Band has realized such projects as:

  • film music interpretations (Antonisz, Sroczyński, Rota, Morricone, Penderecki)
  • silent movie illustrations (La Coquille et le clergymen, Safety last!, Entr'acte, Microcosmos, Harry the Footballer)
  • soundtrack composition (Giersz, Wilczyński, Jarząb, Paszkiewicz, Wierzchowski and group 3/4)
  • sound illustrations for texts (The New Adventures of Bolek and Lolek with Wojciech Mann, Maria Peszek / Audiobook The Secret life of dwarfs with Jan Peszek)
  • cooperation with Pierre Bastien, a French musician
  • French and Polish counting-out games record
  • AutoKonstruktone - mechanical playing constructions designed by the band
  • sound performance "Elektrownia Dźwięku” (grand prix of Stage Song Contest Nurt OFF, 2008)
  • Samoróbka - concerts on the instruments produced by the band
  • Schulz - music inspired by Bruno Schulz’s prose
  • toy piano concerts of music by John Cage and Frederic Chopin

Since 2009, the band has released 11 albums, which were also published in Japan (Novel Cell Poem) and France (Monster K7).

The band have concerted with such artists as Pierre Bastien, Pascal Comelade, Mariusz Wilczyński, Phonos Ek Mechanes, Jan Gaca group and cooperated with Jerzy Armata, Maciej Stuhr, Monika Kuczyniecka, The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Copernicus Science Centre, National Centre for Culture Poland, Musical Theatre Capitol in Wroclaw, Polish Radio, Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, the National Audiovisual Institute, Dance Theatre Arka, Entropia Gallery and Children’s Film Factory, Akuku Sztuka collective, “Crossroads” Centre for Intercultural Creative Initiatives. The group has performed concerts at many music and film festivals in Poland and abroad.

On the occasion of ANIMOCJE Festival, the following members of Small Instruments Band will perform:
Iwona Sztucka
Tomasz Orszulak
Paweł Romańczuk

The band will play for films:

  • Between the Lines, reż. Maria Koneva, Rosja, 2017
  • Chainlets, reż. Alicja Błaszczyńska, Polska, 2015
  • Happy End, reż. Jan Saska, Czechy, 2015
  • Beside Oneself, Karolina Specht, Polska, 2016
  • The Pain, reż. Nadya Fodotova, Rosja, 2016
  • Foreign Body, reż. Marta Magnuska, Polska, 2016
  • The Untanged Routine, reż. Orit Oged, Izrael, 2016