Workshops: KinoMANUAL - hand-drawn animation workshops

For children
20,00 zł / 3 days
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when and where: 7-9 April (Sunday-Tuesday)

  • 7 April, h. 16.00,
  • 8-9 April, h. 17.00,

for who: 11-15 years old


These workshops combine the technique of hand-drawn animation (on paper, carbon paper, glass and other materials) with the technique of filmmaking directly on film stock. For participants, it will be a unique opportunity to learn about traditional filmmaking technology and to display effects of their work with the use of an analog projector.

KinoMANUAL is a small, independent audio-visual manufacture, involved in experimenting with moving pictures and sound. It explores primarily analog techniques of stop-motion film, such as hand-drawn animation, cutout, drawn-on-film animation, utilizing a physical contact with material applied. KinoMANUAL is created by two artists: Aga Jarząb and Maciek Bączyk. Their jointly made films and objects want to correspond with the deep-rooted tradition of moving pictures, cinematic art and experimental cinema. KinoMANUAL cooperates with international artists and cultural institutions, producing animated motion design. It also runs animated film workshops for children, young people and adults.


Aga Jarząb – graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, graduation work in the Intermedia Studio of the Faculty of Graphic Arts. She obtained the MKiDN scholarship in the program “Young Poland.” Her two films from the series “Siostry z domu Jarząb” are in the anthology “Akcja – animacja” produced by NiNA (now FiNA). Her works in the series “Zrób coś ze sobą, dziewczyno” are in the collection of the “Zachęta” Lower Silesia Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts. She works as a lecturer in the Department of Media Art in her alma mater. She is involved in animated film and art combining film and installation.

Maciek Bączyk – he is involved in sound and image in both practice and theory. He makes recordings and gives concerts, touring since 1999 with such bands as AGD, Robotobibok, Małe Instrumenty, and recently with Pin Park and Kristen. Concurrently with his music activity, he performs activities in the field of audiovisual arts. In 2006, with his exhibition “The Invisible Map of Wrocław” he had his debut in BWA Wrocław, Awangarda Gallery. He is involved in projects in many media and their combinations, including painting, experimental film, installation, and sound art. He prefers traditional, analog techniques of work. He is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Media Art at the Wrocław Academy of Fine Arts.

Screening of workshop films: 13.04., Saturday, h. 15.00, WiMBP attic, free entry