still from "Art College 1994", dir. Liu Jian

13th Animocje. 5 full-value films in the Animocje menu!


13th Animocje. 5 full-value films in the Animocje menu!

Male and female creators of animated films are brave beasts. They are not afraid of long hours spent on one production. Hours? Sometimes even years! Yes, yes ... making a full-length animation is a real challenge. It can take a few or even dozen years.

And what full-length films are on our schedule this year?

  • A freshly heartbroken young artist is sucked into a unicorn-run alternate dimension. They must help conquer a dark force in order to bring peace to the kingdom and themselves.

Unicorn Boy, dir. Matt Kiel (April 15, 7.00 PM)

A still from an animated film. A person with large green eyes and long, pink, wavy hair is standing in a clearing covered with grass. The clearing is surrounded by water on all sides. There are several colorful, deformed piranhas in the clearing.

  • A portrait of youth set on the campus of the Chinese Southern Academy of Arts in the early 1990s.

Art College 1994, dir. Liu Jian (April 16, 8.00 PM)

A still from an animated film. Two figures lie on the grass, back to back. One of them is holding a blade of grass in her mouth, the other is holding a cigarette in her mouth. There are small white bowls on their bellies. Fragments of trees and urban buildings in the background.

  • In a not too distant future without animals and plants where the price of human survival is high, a young man breaks every rule to save his wife.

White Plastic Sky, dir. Tibor Bánóczki, Sarolta Szabó (April 18, 8.00 PM)

A still from an animated film. A thoughtful woman and a man are in space, levitating between buildings.

  • In the 1940s, a slide guitar playing cowboy appears in a corrupt town of lumberjacks ruled by a pair of evil twins. Slide has to battle them to save the village of Sourdough Creek.

Slide, dir. Bill Plympton (April 20, 8.00 PM)

 A still from an animated film. Cartoon animation. A man and a woman are sitting on a long branch suspended over the river. They both hold guitars in their hands. A waterfall in the background.

A wholesome treat for kids!

  • No, Linda didn’t take her mom’s ring! She didn’t deserve to be punished! How unfair...! And now, Linda’s mom Paulette will do anything to make it up to her daughter–even if that means making chicken with peppers, despite not knowing how to cook! But how are you supposed to buy a chicken during a general strike?

Chicken for Linda!, dir. Chiara Malta & Sébastien Laudenbach (April 14, 12.00 AM)

A still from an animated film. Yard in front of an apartment block. A woman in a long orange dress holds a plate with food, a man and a child stand in front of her. Crowd of people in the background.