13th Animocje have started! What will you taste on the first day of the festival? [April 14]


13. Animocje have started! What will you taste on the first day of the festival? [April 14]

Sticking to the food nomenclature, it can be said that the first day of the festival is quite a tasty and diverse starter, with something for everyone. For the youngest, we have prepared a charming and funny story about childhood, without excessive sentimentality, but with lots of adventures, the heroine of which is a girl named Linda. We invite you at noon to the Orzeł Cinema hall, where our mascot Barbara has already taken her place.

12.00 PM, Orzeł Cinema

language: Polish live voice-over, 7+

Little Animocje: Chicken for Linda!, Chiara Malta, Sébastien Laudenbach, France, Italy, 2023, 73’

Take a moment to breathe and let's start with short films nominated for an Oscar in 2024. In this set we will present some of the best animations of this year, made using various techniques and touching on various, quite current topics.

3.30 PM, Orzeł Cinema

language: original, subtitles: Polish, 12+

Oscar 2023 Short Films Nominees: Animated Films, 61’

After the screening of Oscar-nominated animations, we move to the meeting at Music Cafe Szpulka. In line with the long-standing tradition that we love to cultivate, we will be the only festival in Poland to present the Award for Special Achievements in the Field of Dubbing. The winner of this year's award will be Bartosz Wierzbięta, whose translations of famous animated films make laugh every generation of Poles. The meeting will be free and conducted in Polish.

5.00 PM, Music Cafe Szpulka

language: Polish

Meeting with Bartosz Wierzbięta, winner of the Award for Special Achievements in the Field of Dubbing

That's not the end of laughter and great fun for today. At 7.00 p.m. we return to the Orzeł Cinema for another dose of animation, this time in an interesting and original improvisational setting. Two teams of experienced improvisers will perform on stage: Grupa SzaFoFe and Trzecia Łąka. They will improvise a number of scenes inspired by quotes from animation, which the winner of our Award - Bartosz Wierzbięta - had the opportunity to dub.

7.00 PM, Orzeł Cinema

language: Polish

Words, animation, improvisation - live performance, ok 70’

We would like to remind those who registered for workshops with Paulina Wyrt and Robert Kuźniewski that today is the second day of creative work with circles, squares and colors during cutout animation workshops.

13-14.04., Saturday-Sunday, MCK, Art Nouveau Salo, room 75, 2nd floor

13.04., Saturday, 10 AM - 14 PM

14.04., Sunday, 10 AM - 14 PM

Paper One Planet: Creative Fun with Circle, Cardboard, Square and Color, cutout animation workshops, 8+

It is worth visiting us, apart from such interesting program points as above, at the MCK ticket office you will be able to buy festival gadgets, take photos with the heroes of this year's Animocja spot, as well as talk to animators, animation fans and those who create this unique festival.

See you later!