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13th Animocje. Meet the authors of the awarded films!


13th Animocje. Meet the authors of the awarded films!

The jury consisting of Britt Raes, Krzysztof "Freeze" Ostrowski and Wiktor Stribog decided to give the following awards

Grand Prix and PLN 5.000

  • Stephen Vuillemin for the film “A kind of testament”.
    "A beautifully uncomfortable film that shifts between mystery, humor and relatability. A visual style that winks at anime combined with distorted sound design. In a compelling and original way, the narrator tries to understand the motivation of her antagonist. Or is she trying to understand herself? It is intriguing to wonder which decisions will have a big impact on our future".
A still from an animated film. A woman with black hair, wearing a striped jacket, looks ahead. In the background, fragments of white birds resembling seagulls.

First special mention and 1250 zlotys

  • Ethan Barrett for the film “Rosemary A.D. (after Dad)”
    "A colourful rough childlike visual style combined with a dark and serious psychological topic. A snappy, fast paced, relatable, gut-wrenching and heartwarming film that makes you laugh and cry".
A still from an animated film. The figure of a child lying in a small pink coffin. The figure has closed eyes.

Second special mention and 1250 zlotys

  • Carla Pereira and Juanfran Jacinto for the film “All is lost”.
    "A fascinating parody on sitcoms that subverted our expectations of what the joke would be. Fascinating character design and an original art style enhanced the distorted setting".
A still from an animated film. Three doll-like figures appear in the colorful kitchen interior.

Third special mention and 1250 zlotys

  • Daria Kashcheeva for the film “Electra”.
    "A strong female perspective in a unique style and an impressive mix of techniques. An intense and twisted experience with strong sound design. The visceral symbolism repeats visually and narratively".
A still from an animated film. Several naked mannequins, some of them sitting, some standing. In the background there are several TV screens standing on top of each other. The face of the same man appears on the TV screens.

Junior Jury consisting of Michalina Łachowska, Wojciech Hofman and Tymoteusz Chlebowski awarded

Junior Jury Award

  • Heta Jäälinoja for the film Nun or never!
    "At first glance, a seemingly simple animation technique carries immense emotional richness and an incredibly significant message. It's a story that aptly illustrates the bittersweet taste of love, the uncertainty of choices, and the feeling of isolation in one's struggles. The audience, along with the main character, experiences solitude in the rollercoaster of emotions, ultimately realizing that beneath the external mask of normalcy and "sanctity," everyone experiences their own dilemmas - and that connects us as humans. The minimalist execution and skillful balance between humor and seriousness make the film accessible, and each of us will find a part of ourselves in it".
A still from an animated film. Cartoon image. A large black ball with four small faces. Each face has a smoldering cigarette in its mouth. Clouds of smoke rise from it.

Special Mention

  • João Gonzalez for the film “Ice Merchants”.
    "This film is abundant in both technical professionalism and touching emotional depth. The color palette, captivating from the first moment, and the thoughtful manipulation of frames and form underline the depth of the father-son relationship. Although the film tells the story of ice merchants, it melts the hearts of many viewers".
A still from an animated film. A large orange house attached to a gray rock by ropes. There is a small figure on the balcony of the house.

The Jury of the Team of Film Educators composed of Katarzyna Jaruszewicz-Kot, Dominika Zielińska and Kamila Szwarc awarded the prize and special mention in the Films for Children and Young Adults Competition

The Best Film for Children and Young Adults and 1000 zlotys

  • David Crisp for the film "a WORLD in CHAOS".
    "For its exceptional distance and a tongue-in-cheek narrative, as well as skillful use of language and aesthetics that resonate with young audiences. It's worth appreciating that the film addresses many current issues without unnecessary didacticism".
A still from an animated film. A large, gray elephant stands next to a smaller, brown elephant. They both have dark circles under their purple eyes. Safari scenery in the background.

Special Mention

  • Maria Görlich-Opyd for film "The sleeplessness of Jutka".
    "For portraying the drama of history without excessive traumatization and for presenting it in a poignant manner, quoting the protagonist: "...a world that suddenly broke down."
A still from an animated film. Sketch. An older man holds a little girl in his arms. The girl holds in her hands a yellow skein of wool, the unrolled part of which lies around their feet.

Award for the Best Polish Film, for which the financial prize of PLN 5,000 was funded by the Marshal of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship Piotr Całbecki

  • Szymon Ruczyński for the film “There Are People in the Forest”.
    "With limited sounds and visuals, this film deals with a difficult topic in a matter of fact way without judgement. The minimalistic approach is well thought out with deliberate colour choices. The seemingly naive mix of perspectives reflects the complexity of the different points of view. The lack of emotions turn us into an observer, watching from a distance, and forces us to sit with our own feelings after the film is done".
A still from an animated film. Cartoon image. Three outlines of figures are sitting at a table. One of them points to the window. An arrest scene outside the window.

Award for The Best Music Film and 1250 zlotys

  • Soetkin Verstegen for the film “Beautiful Figures” with music by Magda Drozd
    "This music video explores how organic figures and shapes connect to subtle sounds. It is an emotional approach to a scientific notebook in which music and visuals intertwine".
A frame from an animated music video. Black sketches of figures in various positions, including standing and swimming, on a white background.

The Audience Award in the International Competition

  • Ethan Barrett for the film “Rosemary A.D. (after Dad)”
A still from an animated film. The figure of a child lying in a small pink coffin. The figure has closed eyes.

The Audience Award in the Films for Children and Young Adults Competition

  • Augusto Schillaci for the film "La Calesita".
A still from an animated film. A man with a cart with colorful balloons hands a red balloon to a smiling girl. There are other children in line behind her. In the background, a carousel with horses in an amusement park.

Congratulations for the Winners of the 13th Animocje Film Festival!!