still from "Food", dir. Siqi Song

Animocje in 5 flavors. What's worth tasting during the 13th Animocje!


Animocje in 5 flavors. What's worth tasting during the 13th Animocje!

One of the dishes at this year's Animocje table will be curator's sets - unique sets of short films prepared by animation experts, animators from Poland and abroad. Following the theme of this year's edition, we decided to serve you ANIMOCJE in 5 flavors.

A group of distinguished curators: Ewelina Leszczyńska, Krste Gospodinovski, Britt Raes, Naima Alam and Aleksandra Ławska will regale you with animated stories related to food in various cultural and social contexts. There will be an opportunity to look at how different artists interpret the topic of food and taste in their work.

One thing is certain, everyone will find something for their palate :)

Something salty...

April 15, 5.00 PM - Bit Salty. Around The Crumbling - curated screening Ewelina Leszczyńska

Something sour...

April 16, 6.30 PM - SOUR - curated screening Krste Gospodinovski

Something sweet...

April 17, 6.30 PM - “I like it sweet” - curated screening Britt Raes

Something bitter...

April 18, 6.30 PM - Left with a bitter taste - curated screening Naima Alam

Something umami...

April 19, 6.30 PM - Umami. And Despite It All, World Makes Some Kind of Sense - curated screening Aleksandra Ławska

Curated sets in all possible flavors. Bon appetit everyone!

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