FILM FESTIVALS CONSTELLATION – new cooperation network between film festivals

We are pleased to announce the emergence of the Film Festivals Constellation, an international cooperation network between film festivals!

Animocje IAFF, Lublin Film Festival, Opolskie Lamy Lim Festival, Przeźrocza Film Festival and StopTrik IFF join forces in order to provide an outstanding cinema experience. Five unique programming lines generate a galaxy of trends, styles and forms that present a richness of diversified approaches towards film art. Welcome to the extraordinary journey filled with a multitude of surprises. 


Opolskie Lamy FF 2-10.10.2020, Opole (PL)

StopTrik IFF 8-11.10.2020 Maribor (SLO), 6-8.11. 2020 Łódź (PL)

Animocje IAFF 28-31.10.2020, Bydgoszcz (PL)

Przeźrocza FF 5-8.11.2020, Bydgoszcz (PL)

Lublin Film Festival 23-28.11.2020, Lublin (PL)

On August 20th we welcome you to the first cinematic trip - Constellation Shorts Adventure vol. 1. Benting the time-space continuity we will simultaneously present splendid European short films acknowledged by the attendees and Jury of our festivals. The chosen constellation of films is an energetic blend of genre and style of an award-winning art-house cinema. More information...