Dariusz Gackowski

What's up at the Films for Children Competition?


When we choose films for children, we look for well-made animations, because we believe that in this way we can influence their sense of aesthetics. We also try to catch wise films, but not overly moralizing. We want to leave the kids space for their own interpretation and thoughts.

We divided the films in the Films for Children Competition into three age groups, but this is just our suggestion. We are convinced that the animations from each of these competitions will appeal to many adults.

We made sure there was something to laugh about, but we are not afraid of difficult topics. On the contrary, we believe that confront with difficult situations with a parent by your side can be an important and developing experience. To make it easier for adults to talk with children about movies, we have prepared a strong package of teaching material for all animations from these competitions. In the file to download you will find overviews of the movie and examples of simple and fun activities that you can do with your children. The materials can be found at the end of the content of individual events.

We strongly encourage you to vote. Each viewer can vote for one movie. The animation with the highest number of votes will be awarded the title of Best Film for Children Animocje 2021.

The author of the studies is Agnieszka Karnowska.