The first Slovenian full-length animated film: "The Sodialization of a Bull?", dir. Zvonko Čoh i Milan Erič

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For adults
Professor Raisin, a bald, world-famous geneticist, his less-renowned brother Bruno and his attractive assistant Martha have for several years been testing a wide range of chemical substances in the hope of discovering a unique mix that could stimulate hair growth.

Professor Raisin intends to prove evolution can be accelerated “here and now”, starting with single cell of his hair.

At the same time, in the kingdom of a distant galaxy, extending along the edge of misty Andromeda, the King Father catches his son smoking a cigar-which could be fatal for the kingdom. A single puff of tobacco smoke, you see, may lead to the anti-evolution of the kingdom's population.

Fortunately, the boy inhales only a small amount of smoke, causing him to de-evolve only to the stage of a bull. The King Father punishes his son severely by sending him to the planet Earth, which is known to be covered with grass of the poorest quality in the entire galaxy. He will have to graze on it for seven years in order to come to his senses and learn to adapt to society.

Accidentally, or perhaps not, the prince-bull finds himself in the professor Raisin's laboratory, only to become the object of his experiments. And at this point, stories of evolution and anti-evolution fatally interwine…

Selected rewards and nominations:

  • Leipzig DOK Festival 1999 - Prize of the Ministry of Environment (winner)

Zvonko Čoh

Born on August 7th 1956 in Celje, Slovenia. Finished the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts in 1981. He is an animator, a book illustrator and a scenographer-set decorator.


  • 1998, The Socialization Of A Bull? (animation, feature), reż. Z. Čoh & M. Erič
  • 1986, Try To Twinkle Twice (animation, short), reż. Z. Čoh & M. Erič
  • 1985, Kiss Me Soft Rubber (animation, short), reż. Z. Čoh
  • 1983, Metamorphosis (animation, short), reż. Z. Čoh

Milan Erič

He studied painting with professor Janez Bernik at ALU in Ljubljana, where he graduated in 1979. He continued his painting specialisation and completed it in 1982. He was employed at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering in Ljubljana, in 1986-1994. Then he worked as a lecturer in designing at ALU in Ljubljana, where he received the title of professor in 2001. His animated films and illustrations refer to caricature convention, and his paintings - to postmodernist eclecticism.


  • 1998, The Socialization Of A Bull? (animation, feature), reż. Z. Čoh & M. Erič
  • 1986, Try To Twinkle Twice (animation, short), reż. Z. Čoh & M. Erič

Before the movie, a few words of the announcement will be told by the Juror - Igor Prassel.