Dariusz Gackowski

Meet the winners of the Animocje 9½ competitions

We are presenting the winners of the International Animated Film Festival ANIMOCJE 9½!

The jury consisting of: Jerzy Armata, Aga Jarząb, Daria Wiktoria Kopiec, Karolina Specht and Jakub Ziołek decided to give the following awards:

Videos of the winners announcement of the competitions you can find in the TV tab.

Grand Prix and PLN 4,000

Mykyta Lyskov for the film Deep Love / Kohannia

Laudation: For a crazy trip into Ukrainian reality, showing society inthe moment of a breakthrough. Caricatured, anarchist, sensitive.

The award for the Best Polish Film and 2,500 PLN ex aequo:

- Małgorzata Bosek-Serafińska for the film Year / Rok

Laudation: For combining a formal experiment with a very emotional message free of sentimentality.

- Natalia Spychała for the film Marbles

Laudation: For the film suspense built between the figurative and the abstract.

Special Mentions go to:

- Daria Kashcheeva for the film Daughter / Dcera

Laudation: For the best student film.

- Piotr Milczarek for the film Rain / Deszcz

Laudation: For an accurate metaphor for social behawior and its modest means of expression.

- Thomas Renoldner for the film Dont Know What

Laudation: For an extremely successful formal experiment and sense of humor.

Luca Tóth for the film Mr. Mare / Lidérc úr

Laudation: For a tasteful visual concept and a suggestive character creation.

The Special Prize from the Junior Jury consisting of Weronika Grochocka, Oktawia Sokalska and Kasia Syrytczyk goes to:

Lisa LaBracio and Anna Samo for the film The Opposites Game

Laudation: For bringing up a crucial existential topic andforcing one to reflect, using a form is consistent with the context and the meand speaking with original images leaving a trace in the viewer.

The Audience Award in the International Competition goes to:

Bruno Collet for the film Memorable

The Audience Award in the Films for Children Competition goes to:

Benoît Chieux for the film Melting Heart Cake / Coeur Fondant