Workshops 2021 - registrations for the workshops are open


We invite you to take part in the workshops as part of the 10th edition of the Animocje festival.

This year, all workshops will be held online and will be free (registration required).

New this year are workshops for all those who, apart from watching films, would also like to write about them. The aim of the course is to intoduce students to the basics of filmccriticism (in the area of animated films), in their theoretical as well as practical aspects (journalistic techniques, various forms of journalistic expression – the press, radio, television).

For kids (i.e. all young in age and / or spirit) we have prepared two proposals:

You are kindly invited to take your seat in the time machine for a moment and travel to the not-so-distant era that preceded the time of the pioneers of cinema. With the help of generally available art supplies, workshop participants will create simple optical toys that, when set in motion, will reveal their magical, animating potential.

You will learn how to make a movie, starting with preparing character designs to editing and sound production with the use of free tools and basic materials.