13th Animocje. What's on the programme? [April 15 & 16]


13th Animocje. What's on the programme? [April 15 & 16]

The beginning of the festival week promises to be appetizing, especially for lovers of salty and sour dishes.
We will start Monday afternoon at the Orzeł Cinema with a show curated by Ewelina Leszczyńska. As the curator announces, it will be: "Salty physically and emotionally". After over an hour of enjoying the film, we will move to the Foyer CCC for the opening of the exhibition of works by Wiktor Stribog - an independent creator and author of animations. The starting point for the presented exhibition - objects without a purpose, advertisements without a subject, campaigns without a message. See for yourself, the exhibition will be available throughout the duration of the festival. For the evening, we have prepared a show of a full-length animation straight from the United States. The Unicorn Boy, despite its rather light title, will take us into the complex world of growing up and searching for our own identity. An additional treat will be a meeting with the director, Matt Kiel, who will share interesting facts about the process of working on the film and answer questions from the audience.

The film is available with subtitles for the deaf. The cinema hall is equipped with an induction loop.

April 15, MONDAY

Orzeł Cinema

5.00 PM, tickets PLN 12

Bit Salty. Around The Crumbling, curator: Ewelina Leszczyńska, 70’

Foyer, MCK

6.30 PM, free entry

Product Displacement, opening of an exhibition of Wiktor Stribog's works

Orzeł Cinema

7.00 PM, tickets PLN 12

language: original, subtitles: Polish, English, Polish for deaf people

Unicorn Boy, Matt Kiel, USA, 2023, 90’ + meeting with the director person

Tuesday wil be intense. From the morning we invite you to screenings as part of the Films for Children and Young Adults Competition, we will show sets of animations on various topics, selected especially for the 3+ and 7+ age categories. In the afternoon we will meet at the first show of the International Competition, it will be very diverse, a bit about feelings, a bit about relationships in a futuristic world, in the atmosphere of crime and sometimes absurdity. After Monday's salty experiences, we will serve sour experiences on Tuesday. Krste Gospodinovski - a Macedonian animator will present: "Films that skillfully combine surreal and sometimes grotesque visuals... keeping the viewer in suspense and causing emotional involvement." For the evening, we have prepared a full-length film Art College 1994, which is a story about a group of students trapped between tradition and modernity in the changing reality of China.

April 16, TUESDAY

Orzeł Cinema

10.00 AM, tickets 1 PLN

Films for Children and Young Adults Competition 3+, 49’

12.00 PM, tickets PLN 1

Films for Children and Young Adults Competition 7+, 55’

5.00 PM, tickets PLN 7

International Competition I, 75’

6.30 PM, tickets PLN 12

Sour, curator: Krste Gospodinovski, 72’

8.00 PM, tickets PLN 12

Art Collage, 1994, Jian Liu, China, 2023, 118’